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A forum on your website is vitally important to keep your customers engaged in your brand and message. Engaged customers are loyal, profitable and generate more revenue — roughly 23% more than your average customer according to a Gallup Research Poll.




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Keep them engaged with a forum.

What is a forum?

Informative discussions

An Internet forum is a discussion area on a website. Most Internet forums focus around a specific subject — in your case, around your business, products and services.

An online forum is a great way to manage your customer relationships and keep people engaged and interested in you. For example,’s forum will get 25-million votes today. Imagine what a well-managed forum can do for your company.

The advantages of a forum

  • Pinpoint Marketing — A forum on your website is the perfect place for direct marketing to your customers. For example, post three tee-shirt designs, and ask which design your customers prefer. You will get valuable feedback.
  • Track Trends in Real Time — Customer posts will provide a constant flow of information, in real-time, from your entire community
  • Reward Loyalty — You’ll be amazed what power a $5 gift certificate has when publicly awarded.
  • Honest Feedback — You’ll quickly notice how willingly customers share product experiences without expecting anything in return.
  • Engaged Employees — Your employees will be actively involved in the forums and deepen their interest and loyalty to your company even as they are engaging customers.

Forum Pricing

Our 4-Section forum costs a mere 66-cents per day. With Sterling Forums 30-day free-trial, you risk nothing.

Most importantly, a customer relations management forum with Sterling Forums converts a stagnant website into an interactive community.

All that remains is simply hyperlinking a “Forum” button on your website with your Sterling Forums URL. This makes the customer’s experience seamless.

For a limited time, Sterling Forums has increased our 7-day free trial to a 30-day free trial!

Will a forum work for you?

A forum will work for anyone.

Forums work for all different types of companies and organizations — in fact, for any organization that deals with the public and wants them engaged and providing feedback.

Our Security


Forum security is a full-time job, but not for you. Sterling Forums is like having another IT Department. Our system has 8 powerful layers of protection to fight off spam, viruses, bots and phishing. Every day, we check for new security measures and implement them as soon as possible to protect your company.

FREE Trial

With Sterling Forum’s 30-day FREE trial, your company forum can be up and running before you are charged a penny. Call us today!

A forum is a vital growth tool for your business.

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